Friday, July 31, 2009

Mad as a....

I'd forgotten how stressful moving house was!

Between that and a multitude of poorly timed commitments etc. this week has been stressful in an extreme way.

Anyway lovelies, the trauma may not yet be over, but after the completely satisfying, borderline orgasmic meal I just had I thought it was time to post something.

I have a fashion fetish. Actually, I have more than one, but among the many is my complete love of head wear. Hats of all shapes and sizes, hair pieces, headbands, you name it. There's something so classic and lady like about a gorgeous creation of satin, lace, feathers, etc. perched atop fabulous, shiny hair. In the words of Stephen Jones, Milliner extraordinaire,  "A hat makes clothing identifiable, dramatic - and most importantly Fashion... it's the cherry on the cake, the dot on the eye, the exclamation mark, the fashion focus. Everyone from showgirls to dictators knows that by wearing a hat they will be the center of attention."

It kills me that I didn't have the opportunity to see Mr Jones' Exhibition at the V&A this year. Anyway, lets all salivate over the simple, yet adorable mini berets by New York based Leah C. I know I want one.

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