Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And so it begins...

Yes, yet another fashion orientated blog.

Though, this is mostly an exercise intended for self satisfaction above anything else. I like clothes, I own a lot of them and I like looking at them. I get a thrill from discovering hidden treasures in the form of little know labels/boutiques and have a healthy appreciation for quality and uniqueness  - whether it be in the form of the highly pricey and acclaimed or something found on a back rack at the local charity store. In fact, my interest extends as far as studying a Degree in Styling and Creative Direction - which itself, means embarking on a new adventures, leading me away from Perth to Melbourne. 

Hopefully it'll be at least a little entertaining to read of my exploits. 

So feel free to join me on my journey into the eclectic and wondrously varying world of fashion/clothes/etc. 

Like/enquiring minds are always welcome!

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