Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mice with super abodes!

A kind soul from uni was nice enough to inform me about Penthouse Mouse's opening night on Friday, so my flatemate and I decided to wander down to The Capitol and have a look. For those of you who do not know [which was me till I actually went to see it] it's what's been described as a "Guerrilla Pop-Up Shop", a temporary exhibition, showcasing the talents of emerging designers and artists. It's part of the LMFF program and run by Moth Design. This year it was held in the space that use to house the Fun Factory [ahh, doesn't that evoke some childhood memories...]. If you are in Melbourne, and have the chance, I suggest you go and have a look [it runs from the 6th to the 22nd of March] there is some really promising material on display, that, to borrow one of my Dad's favorite expressions, certainly had my 'creative juices' flowing.

... Looking over all the various pamphlets and material I picked up just now, I realize I have more to gush over than I initially thought! And definitely more than one post will give justice to! So I'm thinking I might have to break it down a bit, doing a post for each of my favorites from the display. I apologize, but bare with me, these guys deserve a bit of individual attention. 

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