Sunday, March 8, 2009


I can only blame my unexpectedly swift move and lack of [free] internet for my recent neglect. Three pairs of shoes, five…six magazines and who-knows how many coffees later I’ve finally, sort of, started to get into the rhythm of things here. A fact that is probably helped by uni starting up, though this and next week are only 3 days it helps to have something other to do that spending all day trying not to spend money [a battle which I’m not quiet sure if I won or lost…].

It is actually terrifying how many things have been compiled on my ‘Lust List’, I suppose the sheer number of shops here compared to lil old Perth should have been some indication of the huge increase it would suffer. You would think I would be a bit more immune to it after having traveled to so many larger cities around Asia and Europe, but I suppose the constant exposure does wear on one’s resistance.

Among the things that have managed to niggle their way into my wardrobe recently are: a lovely link necklace from Quick Brown Fox [in fact a present from a visiting family friend] and a gorgeous coat/dress [in the colours of the German flag, as my housemate pointed out] with a white peter pan collar. There is, of course, the additional, if nearly not as exciting, arrival of boxes carrying [a portion of] the rest of my wardrobe from home. It really is amazing how anxious it made me not having more of my stuff on hand… a bit pathetic I know. But it was like Christmas everyday a box arrived, especially the ones holding my newer purchases – op shop finds from my last hunt in Perth. A batwing leather jacket, unique burn gold interior-style-fabric embroided blazer and insanely vibrant purple high-neck back-button blouse being some of my favorites. As many people here appear to be avid “vintage” shoppers compared to the fledgling market back West, I know it will be a while before I come across such lovely finds with such lovely pricetags.

Link Necklace - QBF, Batwing leather jacket - thrift store.

Burnt gold blazer - thrift store.

My roommate and I were really stoked about the Roman Was Born [fabulous local designer, if you don’t know ‘em, look them up] collection for Sportsgirl – got to say, a bit of a letdown… Too few pieces and a lack of variation, though points for the flamingo handbag…Hoping for a better collection from TV for SG.

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