Sunday, March 8, 2009

PHM: Secret Squirrel Clothing

As bad as this sounds [or good from a marketing POV] the first thing that caught my attention about this label was well... the label. I mean, Secret Squirrel Clothing?! How can that not make you stop and take a look!

Catchy names aside, this Sydney-based brand by Bri Cheeseman and Andrew Prince is a great source of simple yet classic pieces.  And I suppose, with a background in design, music and floristry, they can't help but make for an interesting collaboration. At this point I've got to stop an comment on the great female/male duos that seem to be popping up in fashion as of recent. Some of my favorites at the moment [Lover, Romance Was Born, etc.] are a partnership of the sexes, obviously the POV of both genders can combine and contribute to some great results. 

Back to Secret Squirrel, their AWo9 collection 'Darker Than Blue' is a mix of modern and art deco inspired pieces - tuxedo shifts, tweed skirts and antique-esque lace abound, I must say I'm more partial to the old-school than the new - military jackets and t-shirts with prints by We Buy Your Kids.  I would certainly add their floral smoking jacket, with it's billowing sleeves, to my 'lust list'.

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